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Becoming a parent transforms every single aspect of your life. These transformations continue throughout your parenting journey especially with each child! We perfectly understand this roller coaster journey, women often experience a lot of mixed emotions. To ensure that your birthing experience is pure bliss, Aster Hospitals has curated ‘Aster Birthing Center’ to create memorable birthing and meet all the needs of a mother and her baby. At Aster Birthing Center, our team of renowned Obstetricians, Gynecologists and experienced specialists from all medical disciplines collaborate to offer you a Centre of excellence… where you are the Centre of attention.

Just like no two women are the same, no two births are identical, at Aster Birthing Center, we offer personalized customized attention to every expecting mother to ensure safe birthing.

While birthing is a “wellness event” and an occasion to celebrate, it is also underlined by a subjective need, a few cases may require high-risk and critical care. Aster Birthing Centre offers state-of-the-art technology and specific super specialty subject-centric care by our team which includes Neonatologist/ Pediatricians/ Hepatologist/Nephrologist/ Gastroenterologist/ Neuro- Surgeon/ Cardiologist/ Urologist / Fetal medicine… Aster Birthing Center offers a collaborative model of care that leverages the expertise of the Obstetrician with a multidisciplinary approach. We ensure a collaborative approach with all specialties available in one go to deliver consistent, continuous, persistent care for the mother-to-be and child to come. We are equipped with advanced technologies, best-in-class services and highly trained nurses and paramedics.

From conception to post-delivery to till womanhood, our team of clinicians guide you through the entire journey. Aster Birthing Center is among the best maternity centers, backed by all multi-specialties all under one roof all in one go and available  24X7.

Bangalore has witnessed a change in the past one or two decades with the mushrooming of boutique hospitals, the stand-alone birthing centers. It is now time for another change, and we bring to you our newly launched Aster Birthing Centre, we call it A Centre of Excellence…. Where you are a Centre of Attention.




Delivery Packages
start @ INR 75,000

Valid till 31st Oct 2022


Special Package
@ INR 150,000



Avail complementary benefits:

- Free OP consultation for new registrations (valid till 30th Sept, 2022)
- Free ayurvedic massage for both mother and baby (valid till 31st Oct, 2022)

Our motto, ‘WE TREAT YOU WELL’ is our promise to provide utmost care, attention and high-quality medical services to our patients. This promise is ingrained in the heart of each Asterian and inspires us to serve, innovate, and grow

Types of Birthing Services Available at Aster Birthing Center

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

It is a type of vaginal delivery service that is available for women who have given birth via cesarean section in their former pregnancy. If your current pregnancy is healthy and the incision (cut) in your last c-section was low transverse, then you may be able to have VBAC.

Sensory Birth

Sensory birthing rooms offer unique birthing experience. These rooms offer programmable calming lights, pictures, music and sound effects that play a critical role in reducing pain, increasing comfort, and lowering the stress which enhances the overall experience of the patient. Our every room create a subdued atmosphere, calmer and more reassuring than a typical delivery room.

Physiologic Birth

Is a type of birth where the baby is born vaginally without any medical interventions. This type of birth is safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes.