Dr. Sudha Krishnan Unni
Senior Consultant & Head
MBBS, MD (Peadiatrics), DCH
Paediatrics & Neonatology
17 Years
Aster MIMS Calicut
English, Malayalam

Dr. Sudha Krishnanunni is a paediatrician par excellence who works as the senior consultant and the head of the Paediatrics Department with Aster MIMS, Calicut. She is highly qualified in her field with 26 years of experience and has devoted her 17 years to Aster MIMS Calicut.

After obtaining her MBBS Degree from Madras University she went on to complete her master’s degree - MD from Calicut University. She began her career serving emergency management, diagnosis and management of rare syndromes, treatment of acute and chronic disorders, and conducting training for graduate and postgraduate medical students.

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