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Something has brought you here. Your desire to stay healthy.

You'd be surprised at how this simple weekly habit could make a world of difference to you. Regular breast self-checks can keep you safe, and early detection of any symptoms mentioned below could save your life.



How to conduct the self exam.

Up and down




Examine the breast in the mirror for

Examine for lumps or
skin dimpling.

Change in skin
colour or texture.

Nipple deformation,
colour change,
or leaks of any fluid.


We also recommend

Half-yearly clinical
breast exams.

Annual mammograms.

Conduct a breast self-examination monthly!

If you have any of these symptoms, remember that there is no cause for alarm. They could be for several reasons. Do consult an expert doctor to get further checked.

It's essential to remember that early detection is key. Regular screenings and prompt medical attention can help nip breast cancer in the bud, increasing the chances of successful treatment. So, if you notice any warning signs, don't hesitate to seek professional advice at once.

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