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The Department of Anaesthesiology at Aster Mother Hospital offers comprehensive services in perioperative patient care, pain management, resuscitation and intensive care management. The dedicated, well-experienced Anaesthesiologists offer accurate anaesthetic cover across different operating theatres and maternity services, thus helping to perform surgeries safely and painlessly.

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What does an anesthesiologist do?

An anesthesiologist is a qualified specialist who provides pain management solutions during, before, and after a surgical procedure. At Aster Mother Areekode, we have the best anesthesiologists to help you out with the most appropriate anesthesia technique, considering your overall health.

What problems do anesthesiologists solve?

An anesthesiologist in Areekode can solve problems related to excessive pain during a surgical procedure. Also, they can solve any issue that may stand as an obstacle to an ideal anesthetic condition of a safe and successful surgery.

When should I consider seeing an anesthesiologist?

You may consult an anesthesiologist in Areekode before undergoing a surgical procedure or any other medically invasive procedure. Also, you may consult them due to chronic pain issues if advised by your primary care physician or any other medical professional.

What happens at an anesthesiologist appointment?

As you consult an anesthesiologist in Areekode before surgery, they will assess your health condition to decide on the most appropriate anesthesia type. They may carry out physical assessments to decide on the dosage of anesthesia. An anesthesiologist also may want to know if you have any allergies to food or drugs.

Will an anesthesiologist help manage side effects during treatment?

Yes, absolutely. our team of anesthesiologists at Aster Mother Areekode can help in the most appropriate management of side effects of anesthesia after the surgery. Also, they try to keep the side effects of the anesthesia procedure to a minimum.

Does an anesthesiologist treat patients?

Yes. An anesthesiologist performs anesthesia before surgery and other invasive medical procedures. As a patient, you may have less contact with an anesthesiologist, but they play a crucial role in deciding the dose and type of anesthesia during surgery.

What question should you ask an anesthesiologist?

You can ask them if it is safe for you to undergo the anesthetic procedure, and if yes, ask them about the possible side effects and how to manage them. As you clear all your queries regarding the anesthesia before the surgery, it can reduce your anxiety and stress.

What documents should I carry on my first visit to an anesthesiologist?

You should carry all the documents that showcase your medical history. These documents must include your current medications, any drug or food allergies, and your overall health condition. You must also carry a record of any previous anesthesia procedures.

How should I prepare for my first visit to an anesthesiologist?

Your first consultation with an anesthesiologist in Areekode is usually before undergoing a surgical procedure. Keep all your medical history documents ready. Also, if you have any questions in mind, you can ask them without hesitation.


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