Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology

The Radiology and Imaging department uses medical imaging technology to diagnose the disorder stage and prescribe treatment for various medical conditions. At Aster Prime Hospital, we have dedicated radiology unit consisting of a team of experts and well-equipped with modern technologies. The radiology team consists of highly experienced interventional radiologists who have been trained from some of the most prestigious radiology institutes in the world.

In addition to diagnostic imaging, our team is also skilled to perform interventional radiological procedures such as administering joint injections, CT and ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation, laser ablation, sclerotherapy, tru-cut biopsies, and TRUS guided biopsies. We provide support services for dialysis, endoscopic procedures, OT and critical care procedures, blood bank, neuro-diagnostics and non- invasive cardiology.

Our team ensures that:

  • Our patients are safe and comfortable during the radiology procedures
  • The findings of our diagnostics are precise and accurate
  • Patient waiting time is minimal
  • Our procedures do not cause any complications
  • Our department uses a variety of advanced, high-tech imaging equipment such as
    • MRI scan-1.5 T Philips Achieva
    • CT scan-16 slice Philips brilliance
    • Ultrasound-GE Voluson 3D and 4D
    • Doppler- GE Volluson
    • BMD-Dexa scan.

Our Doctors

We have some of the best specialists from around the world, they bring years of experience and offer evidence based treatment to ensure the best care for you.


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