Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at Aster Ramesh Hospitals offers comprehensive consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for diverse lung diseases. Backed by advanced facilities like 24 hour MICU and ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation), the Department of Pulmonology provides specialised critical care for patients with acute respiratory conditions and respiratory failure. The department offers complete treatments for pulmonary diseases like: Sleep disorders Pulmonary hypertension Asthma Pneumonia Pleural effusion, Empyema, Pneumothorax Tuberculosis Chronic obstructive lung disease i.e. COPD Interstitial lung disease (Lung fibrosis) Post COVID lung fibrosis Septicemia Acute lung injury, ARDS Poly-trauma, Flail chest Acute and chronic respiratory failure, and Various lung infections Lung cancer Haemoptysis


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