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Department of Anaesthesiology and peri-operative medicine provides advanced and evidence based clinical services. A group of compassionate, enthusiastic team of anaesthesiologists, supported by residents and anaesthesia technicians provide services round the clock services in operation theatre and outside operation theatre. Team provides peri-operative and post-operative clinical services for all speciality and super speciality surgeries. Equipped with advanced, highly reliable and versatile patient monitoring systems like Edwards Vigilance-2 hemodynamic monitor, all OT’s equipped with Philips monitors, GE monitor (Solar 800M) with EGG, BIS monitoring, Somanetics Avos 5100 Cerebral Oximeter, Drager workstations, Thromboelastograph (Haemonetics TEG 5000), Arterial Blood Gas analyser, ACT analyser.

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Want to find out more about the treatment? The answer to your questions can be found below.

What does an anesthesiologist do?

Anesthesiologists are well-known specialists who offer complete critical care along with surgeons and physicians. They know how to monitor and manage anesthesia levels to ensure minimal pain during complex surgeries. By monitoring critical health functions, anesthesiologists can also potentially discover situations where anesthesia is required.

What problems do anesthesiologists solve?

Anesthesiologists are highly skilled to monitor and manage pain of patients undergoing complex treatments. They make sure to follow safe anesthesia practices that can bring long-term relief during and even after the treatment. Their expertise lies in identifying and solving crucial challenges that patients might suffer in terms of physical pain.

When should I consider seeing an anesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists work collaboratively with surgeons and physicians, and hence you will meet them just before the surgery. However, you can also meet them to consult about your treatment that requires anesthesia. You should also reach them after the surgery if you encounter any allergy or side effect.

What happens at an anesthesiologist appointment?

An appointment with an anesthesiologist is typically about discussing potential health matters for your upcoming surgery. They can even ask about your past experiences or reports to analyse your vital functions. Our anesthesiologist in Vijayawada Main offer complete support during appointments to make patients comfortable.

Will an anesthesiologist help manage side effects during treatment?

Yes. Anesthesiologists are well aware of the potential side effects or allergies that can occur during or after the surgeries. They ensure that complete care is provided with well-monitored anesthesia levels and that effective medications are provided after the treatment to prevent side effects.

Does an anesthesiologist treat patients?

Anesthesiologists actively measure the health conditions of the patients and work with surgeons. They help in treating critical pain during and after surgery with appropriate measures. They analyze vitals like heartbeat, respiration frequencies, etc. to adjust anesthesia levels throughout the surgery.

What question should you ask an anesthesiologist?

You can ask any question to an anesthesiologist to understand how anesthesia works during surgeries, what it can do to your health, will you be able to tolerate it, will there be any side effects, and many more. You should focus on key concerns to clear your doubts about anesthesiology.

What documents should I carry on my first visit to an anesthesiologist?

You should carry all the important documents, including your past treatments, checkups, medications, and even blood tests. When you visit anesthesiologists for the first time, they will require these details to analyse your critical health vitals and provide further consultation.

How should I prepare for my first visit to an anesthesiologist?

The first visit to an anesthesiologist will require you to prepare with all your concerns you need to ask to clear your doubts about anesthesiology. You should also carry all medical reports to discuss your health for future treatment. Our anesthesiologist in Vijayawada Main provide complete care through anesthesia for smoother procedures.


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