You’re at the peak of your life – personally and professionally. As you continue to build towards a secure future, our health checks are alongside to support you – to make sure you enjoy every bit.

Tests Included :

  • Blood Group & Rh Factor
  • Complete Blood Count With ESR
  • Glucose - Fasting
  • Glucose - Post Prandial, 2 Hours
  • Calcium
  • Serum HBA1C
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test With Electrolytes
  • Stool Examination, Routine Stool, R/e, occult
  • Total PSA ( Prostate – Specific Antigen) Total Prostatic Cancer Marker.
  • TFT (Thyroid Function Test)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Urine Examination, Routine
  • ECG
  • USG - Abdomen & Pelvis
  • X-ray Chest (PA or AP)
  • Consultation - Ophthalmology
  • Consultation - Physician
  • Consultation - Dental
  • Consultation – Dietitian
  • Pulmonary Function Test

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