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Respiratory Care

At Aster Whitefield Hospital's Emergency Department, our approach to addressing respiratory distress is marked by precision and expertise. Our seasoned medical team employs a range of advanced techniques to ensure swift and effective intervention for patients requiring urgent respiratory care.

Central to our strategy is ensuring a clear and patent airway. Our professionals adeptly assess the severity of respiratory distress and decide the interventions accordingly. From basic maneuvers to advanced airway techniques, our team's decisions are guided by accurate assessments, ensuring efficient airway management.

Recognizing the urgency of oxygen supplementation, our doctors prioritize prompt administration to enhance oxygen saturation levels. Our high-flow humidified nasal oxygen delivery system not only maximizes oxygen intake but also prioritizes patient comfort during distressing moments.

In cases of heightened respiratory distress, Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) is a critical tool. By maintaining positive lung pressure at the end of expiration, PEEP prevents lung collapse, optimizes oxygen exchange, and alleviates respiratory distress.

For patients with significant respiratory compromise, our doctors take a  positive pressure ventilation approach. Through controlled ventilation, they optimize air exchange, offering much-needed relief.

In situations like tension pneumothorax or hemothorax, which can drastically impact respiration, our medical team performs chest decompression. This rapid procedure relieves chest pressure, enabling lung reinflation and restoring proper breathing. 

The team administers bronchodilators to improve airflow and address bronchospasm.

 Our Emergency Medical Team at Aster Whitefield Hospital is committed to delivering expedited and precise care for patients in respiratory distress. With a focus on clinical excellence, advanced equipment, and swift responses, we prioritize optimizing respiratory function and enhancing patient outcomes. 


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