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Kidney Biopsy

Kidney Biopsy is a Diagnostic procedure performed by our experienced and skilled nephrologists. In this procedure, a small sample of kidney tissue is removed under ultrasound guidance, using a needle and then examined under a microscope to diagnose and evaluate various kidney diseases. Kidney biopsy is an important diagnostic tool that is used by our Nephrology team to identify the cause of kidney disease and determine the best treatment approach.

Kidney biopsy is often recommended by our doctors to patients who have unexplained abnormalities in their kidney function tests, such as high levels of protein or blood in their urine, or decreased kidney function. The procedure may also be used to monitor the progression of a known kidney disease or to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

During the procedure, the patient lies prone, and a local anesthetic is used to numb the skin and tissue over the kidney. A needle is then inserted through the skin and into the kidney, and a small sample of tissue is removed. The procedure is usually performed under ultrasound or CT guidance to ensure the needle is placed in the correct location and to minimize the risk of complications. The patient is also asked to take bed rest to minimize the complications.

After the biopsy, the kidney tissue sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis, where it is examined under a microscope to identify any abnormalities.

A kidney biopsy can help diagnose a variety of kidney diseases, including glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, and other conditions that cause inflammation or damage to the kidneys. The results of the biopsy can help guide treatment decisions and improve the patient's prognosis. 

A kidney biopsy can be very helpful in transplanted Kidneys to treat the causes of graft dysfunctions.


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