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Acute Orthopaedic Emergencies

Orthopedic department of Aster Whitefield Hospital, boast to have a prompt team of doctors to handle acute emergencies related to musculoskeletal injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, and severe soft tissue injuries. Our orthopedic team is well-equipped to handle acute emergencies and have the expertise and resources necessary to provide patients with effective treatment and rehabilitation. 

When a patient enters an acute emergency, our orthopedic team assesses the patient's overall condition and stabilizes any life-threatening injuries. This may involve providing emergency medical treatment, such as administering oxygen, controlling bleeding, and providing intravenous fluids.

Once the patient is stabilized, the orthopedic team performs a thorough physical examination of the affected area to assess the extent of the injury. This may involve taking x-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests to get a better understanding of the injury.

Based on the results of the physical examination and diagnostic tests, the orthopedic team develops a treatment plan that may involve surgical or non-surgical interventions. For example, a patient with a severe fracture may require surgery to realign the bones and stabilize the fracture, while a patient with a dislocated joint may require a procedure to relocate the joint.


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