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Child and Neurodevelopmental Psychology

Neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities primarily associated with neurological system and brain. Neurodevelopmental disorders among children include attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, conduct disorders, cerebral palsy, impairments in vision and hearing. Children with neurodevelopmental disorders can experience difficulties with language and speech, motor skills, behavior, memory, learning, or other neurological functions. While the symptoms and behaviors of neurodevelopmental disabilities often change or evolve as a child grows older, some disabilities are permanent. Diagnosis and treatment of these disorders can be difficult; treatment often involves a combination of professional therapy, medications, and home-and school- based interventions. 
Researches show that approximately 12% of children in India ages 2 to 9 years were affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. Approximately 1 in every 8 children suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders. These include ADHD, learning disability, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, seizures, speech and language disorders, intellectual disability etc.  
Neurodevelopmental disorder department was established in the intent of identifying children at high risk of neurodevelopmental disorders at the early stage. The application of evidence-based recommendations or decision-making processes, which combine the use of clinical and technical tools at a proper point during development, is crucial for early detection of children at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders.  
The aim of early intervention program is mainly to focus on cognitive aspects, developmental care, parent child relationship enhancement, psychological aspects, early educational intervention. This initiation was taken care by Dr. Uma Krishnan who is a child and neurodevelopmental psychologist. Who has been working in the area of cognitive rehabilitation for past 15 years. This department is the recent emergence under the department of Peadiatrics. 
At present the treatment offered: 

  1. Early identification of all type of neurodevelopmental disorders. 
  2. Intellectual assessments 
  3. Neurocognitive intervention for neurodevelopmental disorders 
  4. Neuropsychological assessments and interventions for cognitive impairments. 
  5. Behavioral interventions for childhood disorders. 
  6. Childhood psychodiagnostic evaluations 
  7. Educational evaluation for learning disabilities

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