Multi-Organ Transplant

Multi-organ transplant programme at Aster MIMS is empowered by a highly skilled team of medical professionals with technical expertise, performing different transplants including heart-liver, liver-kidney, heart-kidney and heart-lung-liver.

Surgeons remove the diseased, failing organ with a healthy one using different transplant surgical procedures assisted by innovative techniques. These techniques have been the result of years of research and help reduce immunosuppressant usage, create synthesis transplants and advance stem cells, ensuring better patient care.

Backed by state-of-the-art facilities such as dedicated Intensive Care Units, sophisticated diagnostic and radiology facilities and advanced operating theatres, it is one of the best organ transplant hospital in Calicut, India

The centre also boasts tools required for safe surgery, including, ultrasonic blood vessel sealing systems, surgical aspirators and laser coagulators and a specialty blood bank.

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