Gastro Sciences

Aster MIMS Institute of Gastro Intestinal Sciences is the comprehensive centre for management of Gastrointestinal and liver disorders. The division works for proper understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of digestive tract and liver through the integration of novel models of healthcare delivery with innovative programs in clinical and basic research.

This encompasses Wireless Capsule Endoscopy, Double Balloon Enteroscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound and oesophageal manometry, apart from routine upper and lower GI endoscopic. The Institute is complete with the establishment of Hepatology Clinic and Liver Transplantation program.

The Institute works well with the ample support from the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care departments of Aster MIMS. Services of the Medical GE team of three consultant Gastroenterologists is available round the clock. The Surgical GE team excels in all types of major GI surgeries including cancer surgeries and specializes in laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures.

Aster MIMS is one of the few centers in Kerala that performs robotic assisted surgeries for liver diseases. The specialised knowledge and skills of the doctors is optimally complemented by the highly advanced laboratories and technologies, enabling them to provide comprehensive treatment of chronic liver conditions.


We provide comprehensive treatment for all types diseases under one roof. Our highly experienced doctors supported by especially trained clinical staff, ensure the best care for you.


Well equipped with the latest medical equipment, modern technology & infrastructure, Aster Hospital is one of the best hospitals in India.


Upper GI and Lower GI Endoscopy (Diagnostic & Therapeutic) ERCP Capsule Endoscopy Double Balloon Enteroscopy Endoscopic Ultrasound- Diagnostic & Therapeutic Oesophageal and Anorectal Manometry 24 hr GI Bleed Care Liver Clinic- for patients with Liver & Gall Bladder diseases IBD Clinic- Special care for ulcerative colitis &Crohn’s diseases


Some of the best technologies in the hospital includes: Kerala’s third Da Vinci surgery robot Highly advanced infection control HEPA filters to remove air borne particles Highly advanced diagnostic equipment to detect and diagnose various liver conditions.


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Why Aster MIMS for a Liver Transplant?

The experts work collaboratively, taking extra care of each patient’s medical condition to provide advanced care centered towards treatment and better quality of living. The hospital is equipped with superior industrial technology that offers robotics-assisted surgery for various liver conditions. In order to provide round-the-clock care, the hospital is equipped with active 24-hour services, and has upgraded facilities to treat all sorts of liver conditions, including chronic liver diseases and intensive care facilities for acute liver failure.

Success rate in Liver Transplant

It is very important for the patient to receive timely care and treatment in the case of liver diseases. A transplant can transform a life, but it is imperative to get it done at the right place to ensure chance of survival. At Aster MIMS, the doctors are highly qualified, and superbly trained in the latest treatment techniques to replace the diseased liver with a healthy one. Through procedures that impart proper care and diagnosis during the liver transplant surgeries, the patient can lead a normal life, as the liver is a unique organ in the human body capable of regeneration.

History of Aster Liver Transplants

Ever since then, the hospital has been judicious in adding better facilities to ensure timely care to its patients. The highly skilled team of medical professionals at the hospital performs transplants of foreign patients, while the aim of the process itself is to provide better quality of life. The surgeons follow state-of-the-art techniques in replacing the diseased organ with a healthy one. By making use of sophisticated diagnostic techniques they ensure that the surgery is productive, and the patient gets back to health with minimal hospital stay expenses.

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