The department of Andrology at Aster RV Hospital deals with the male reproductive, sexual dysfunction and men’s health. It is a one stop solution for all male reproductive problems under one roof. The department offers extensive in-depth diagnostics, medical and surgical treatment for various types of conditions causing male infertility and male sexual dysfunction.

At Aster RV Hospital we maintain your complete confidentiality and with our experienced team of top Andrologists we ensure you are treated with the best care.

Our Andrology Services Include

1. Advanced Male Infertility & Sexual dysfunction Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) Advanced Semen Analysis (ASA)
  • Flowcytometric DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI)
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
  • Highly specialized advanced sperm test:
    • Annexin V Binding
    • Acrosin Proteolytic Activity for sperm defects in repeated pregnancy loss
    • Unexplained infertility
    • Before Art and ART failures
  • Sperm Processing (magnetic bead – U Select Sperm Processing (density gradient)
  • Sperm Cryofreezing and Sperm Banking Inhibin B Estimation for Azoospermia
2. Clinical services 
  • Male Infertility
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Regenerative therapy
  • Gender identity services
  • Preventive fertility and sexual dysfunction checks
  • Men’s ultimate risk assessment packages
3. Other services
  • Facility to treat ejaculation / collection problems
  • Special Vibrator/Electro ejaculator Visual sexual stimulation room
  • Sperm harvesting in retrograde ejaculation
  • Personalized medical management for problems in sperm
  • Microsurgery for Varicocele, Reversal of Vas/Epididymal obstruction
  • Management of Azoospermia – Medical and Surgical
  • Sperm retrieval techniques: PESA-MESA, TESA-TESE, Micro TESE and testicular tissue cryofreezing
  • Transgender and reproductive rejuvenation surgery (Male and Female) Vaginal rejuvenation surgery
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Evaluation, Treatment Reversing ED
  • Glans and bulbospongiosus fillers for premature ejaculation
  • Low intensity shock wave for ED (EDSWT)
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Platelet rich plasma
    • Bone marrow and umbilical cord
    • Mesenchymal stem cells
    • Fat cells harvesting and Injection for infertility and erectile dysfunction Length
    • Girth & Glans enhancement surgical and non surgical with fillers Surgeries on penis for curvature
    • Nodules (peyronies disease)
    • Length and girth enhancement and penile prosthesis surgery in erectile dysfunction

Our Doctors

We have some of the best specialists from around the world, they bring years of experience and offer evidence based treatment to ensure the best care for you.


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