Pain and Palliative Medicine

The Aster RV Hospital in Bangalore has one of the best Palliative Care Centres in the whole city. Their palliative care team at the Department of Palliative Medicine works on the Interdisciplinary & acute palliative care model in India. All the team members are professionals and have more than twenty years of combined experience.
The team practices ethical and evidence-based palliative medicine. It focuses on caring for the patients from the moment they get diagnosed with a chronic life-timing illness to the entire duration of the disease.
Members of the team include palliative specialists, pain specialists, Palliative Nurse-specialists, Nutritionists, psychologists, Mind-Body Medicine specialists, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, who provide patient-centric care through an interdisciplinary approach. They are responsible for controlling and supporting symptoms caused by illnesses, including those arising primarily due to treatment for an infection. Some examples are chronic kidney disease, heart failure, chronic pulmonary disease, chronic liver disease, Cancer, Paediatric palliative care, Neurological illness.

Holistic care:

As individuals, we acknowledge that patients and their families experience pain on a multidimensional level - physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually - a concept referred to as 'Total Pain.' Our team assesses the patient's pain and formulates a customized treatment plan based on the patient's specific needs post-evaluation. Treatment plans include pharmacological and non-pharmacological techniques.

Nursing care:

Experienced professional Palliative Nurse Specialists provide patients with support and advice regarding practical matters such as appropriate care at home. They empower patients and caregivers to be confident in managing symptoms at home. They also provide outpatient care to the patients through the Ostomy Care, Mucositis Clinic, Malignant Wound Clinic, Constipation Clinic, and Lymphedema Care.

Extended care at home:

At the time of discharge, the team supervises the patient's care in the comfort of their own home. They brief the patient's family for the caregiving at home by discussing the necessary support and equipment needed.

Interventional Pain management:

To manage and care for intractable pain, we use a holistic approach beyond just focusing on medications. Interventional pain management, if needed, is offered when pain is obstinate to these measures. Our Hybrid Cath-Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for providing interventional pain management.
Aster RV Hospital is the best hospital in the country for Pain and Palliative care because of the approach of management and care, provided in tandem with the treating team.

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