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Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is a vital component of Aster Whitefield’s Cardiology Department, providing specialized care and monitoring to critically ill cardiac patients. With advanced monitoring equipment, respiratory support capabilities, and emergency cardiac resuscitation equipment, Our CICU ensures prompt and effective management of patients requiring intensive care due to severe cardiac conditions. Our highly skilled Cardiology team in the CICU is dedicated to delivering specialized care and improving outcomes for these critically ill individuals. Some key features of our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit include:

Specialized unit for managing critically ill cardiac patients: The CICU is staffed with a team of highly trained staff, including cardiologists, critical care nurses, and specialized support staff who have expertise in managing critical cardiac conditions. The unit is equipped to handle complex medical situations and provides round-the-clock care to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Advanced monitoring equipment: The CICU is equipped with advanced monitoring equipment to closely track the hemodynamic status and vital signs of critically ill cardiac patients. This includes continuous monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and other parameters crucial for assessing cardiac function. Hemodynamic monitoring tools such as invasive arterial and central venous catheters may be utilized to provide real-time data on the patient's cardiovascular status.

Ventilators for respiratory support: Critically ill cardiac patients in the CICU may require respiratory support. The unit is equipped with ventilators capable of providing mechanical ventilation to patients who have compromised respiratory function. These ventilators assist in maintaining adequate oxygenation and ventilation, ensuring the patient's respiratory needs are met.

Emergency cardiac resuscitation equipment: The CICU is prepared to handle emergencies that may arise in critically ill cardiac patients. The unit is equipped with emergency cardiac resuscitation equipment, including defibrillators and cardiac pacing devices. Defibrillators are used to deliver electrical shocks to restore normal heart rhythm in cases of life-threatening arrhythmias, while cardiac pacing devices provide electrical stimulation to regulate the heart rate in certain cardiac conditions.


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