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Outpatient Services

The outpatient services offered by the cardiology department of Aster Whitefield Hospital provide essential care and support to patients who do not require hospitalization and can receive treatment on an outpatient basis. Our outpatient cardiology services encompass consultation and follow-up visits with cardiologists, comprehensive cardiac evaluation and management through diagnostic tests and procedures, patient education, and counseling. These services encompass various aspects of cardiac evaluation, management, patient education, and counseling. 

Consultation and follow-up visits with cardiologists: Patients can schedule appointments for consultations and follow-up visits with our cardiologists. During these visits, cardiologists assess the patient's medical history, perform physical examinations, and discuss symptoms, concerns, and test results. The cardiologist evaluates the patient's cardiac health, provides appropriate medical recommendations, adjusts treatment plans if necessary, and ensures ongoing care and monitoring.

Our outpatient cardiology services involve the prescription and management of cardiac medications. Cardiologists closely monitor patients' medication regimens, adjust dosages as needed, and ensure proper adherence to prescribed medications. They explain the benefits, potential side effects, and proper administration of medications, enabling patients to actively participate in their treatment and optimize medication efficacy.
If necessary, cardiologists may refer patients to other specialists or services within the cardiology department or other medical disciplines for further evaluation or intervention. Outpatient cardiology services facilitate the coordination of care between healthcare providers, ensuring a seamless continuum of care for patients.


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