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Antenatal Guidance Clinic

Pregnancy is a period of joy for the newly expectant couple and family, especially if it ends successfully in a perfectly healthy bundle of joy. This the prayer and wish of all concerned – doctors, patients etc. However, in reality there may be situations in which the result is not always good. There may be many situations in which the outcome of the pregnancy may be totally different. It is to prepare the parents for such situation, that an antenatal guidance clinic is conducted during the pregnancy. 

Purpose of the counselling clinic

  1. To ensure that there are no untoward problems during the course of the pregnancy. 
  2. To ensure that routine antenatal check is done as per guidelines 
  3. To ensure that the parents are aware of the situation of the baby especially if there are congenital abnormalities 
  4. To ensure adequate knowledge and information is given to the parents and carer's so as prepare them for the management of the baby post-delivery. 
  5. To ensure that in special situations proper advise is given about the possibilities of various problems that may arise during delivery and post delivery especially for congenital abnormalities that may require immediate surgical intervention 
  6. To consider and inform about termination of pregnancy in such situations where viable options are not there, in accordance with the MTP Act guidelines 

This is a team effort and involves all the staff involved in the management of the mother and baby. 

Team Leader Dr Abraham Mammen , HOD and consultant Paediatric Surgeon 
Other members include the treating Obstetrician, Neonatologist, Neonatal Surgeon , Paediatric and Neonatal intensivist, Geneticist, Paediatric Cardiologist etc. Various specialists will be incorporated as the nature of the child’s condition demands 

At all times open communication between the treating team and the patients and carers is essential to ensure a good rapport between the members 

Proper and regular obstetric consultations are mandatory to ensure the well being of the mother and baby. Advice regarding this and especially diet, nutrition etc. will be given at all visits by the concerned obstetrician. 

Mandatory investigations especially antenatal Ultrasound scans will be done as per clinical guidelines 

  • 1st scan at about 6weeks of age to confirm pregnancy 
  • 2nd scan at 12 weeks to see the progress 
  • 3rd scan at 18-20weeks – anomaly scan. (has to be before 20 weeks to make a decision if MTP is required for medical reasons)

Further scans as per the foetus condition or advise of the obstetrician or ANG clinic 

A healthy baby is a “Miracle of Nature” but adequate and proper information will ensure that the parents have a realistic expectations of their child and so be prepared for the post delivery situation in a prepared manner. The ANG clinic aims to do just this by way of adequate and proper information dissemination to the parents to ensure a happy and acceptable outcome to their pregnancy


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