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Snakebite Management

Accurate snakebite management services to save the lives of poisoned patients with venomous snakes. Snakebite has a high morbidity and mortality rate across the globe. Snakebite could be paralytic and life-threatening, where the patient succumbs to poison and severe pain. Even a harmless snake bite can lead to inflammation, bleeding wounds, vomiting, severe infection, and allergic reaction. After immediate first aid, the patient needs to rush into the emergency for treatment. The doctors at Aster hospital springs into action to save the poisoned patient’s life from venomous snakes. Following the guidelines of snakebite management as per WHO recommendation, the medical staff assesses the snakebite severity score. Their timely action prevents the infection and poison from spreading. They administer antivenin to patients after examining the degree of severity. The patient gets immediate care and attention with life-saving techniques.


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