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Well Women Clinic

The Well women clinic at Aster MIMS Calicut provides an excellent opportunity to counsel patients about maintaining a healthy life style and minimizing health risk.

Women at all ages 

  • Adolescents and teenagers 
  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Reproductive health issues
  • Menopausal health.

Adolescent age group 

  • Lifestyle  modifications: yoga , meditation , exercise
  • PCOD and diet control, exercises
  • Adolescent sex education
  • Menstrual Hygiene
  • Work up and management assistance for menstrual concerns or irregular periods
  • Awareness campaigns related to PCOD and issues
  • Sexually transmitted discuss awareness
  • Awareness campaign as substance and drug abuse 
  • Mental health
  • Awareness on common gynec related issues like leukorrhea , genital tract infections ( reproductive tract infections ) 
  • Regular Health check up in case of hereditary , familial cancers ( example :  family history of HNPCC , breast CA )
  • HPV testing and HPV vaccines.
  • Vaccines in adolescent age group  - Adult immunization 
  • Campaign on menstrual disorders and premenstrual symptoms.
  • Diabetes and prediabetes screening for high risk woman.
  • Diagnosis and management  of metabolic syndrome ( screening ).
  • Obesity associated risks and diagnosis.
    • Specific dietary recommendation for women :-
    • Fruits / vegetables - more than 4.5 cups / day
    • Fish  - 2/week  ( 2 serving / week )
    • Fibre - 30 gm/d
    • Whole granule  - 3/d  ( 3 servings / day )
    • Sugar  -  less than 5/week ( 5 servings /week)
    • Nuts , legumes - more than 4 / week ( 4 servings / week )
    • Saturated fat - less than 7% total energy  intake .
    • Cholesterol - less than 150 mg/dl
    • Alcohol  - less than 1day ( 1 serving /day )
    • Sodium - less than 1500 mg/dl 
    • Trans fatty acids - none
  • Screening for thyroid dysfunction

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