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Paediatric Orthopaedics

Paediatric Orthopaedics which is a branch of Orthopaedic surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in children. It has evolved into a highly specialized branch of Orthopaedic Surgery and has taken roots firmly as a super speciality.  The age group it caters to is from newborn to 17 years of age. In India, the 'Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India' was formally inaugurated in Mumbai in 1994, with the objective to bring together professionals who have a special interest in Paediatric Ortho onto a common platform and serve as an academic body for facilitating the exchange of knowledge and technology relevant to paediatric Ortho. It has connections with many international Paediatric Ortho. societies like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea & Singapore. 

The Department of Paediatric Ortho in Aster MIMS was started in 2012 with Dr. Mahendra Varma having completed a fellowship in the same from K.M.C Hospital Manipal, under one of the founders of the POSI, Rtd.  Prof. Dr. Benjamin Joseph.  Since then the department has grown to its present state where we cater to a large population of central and North Kerala including Trichur, Malapuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, Wayanad and Kasargod. Patients are being regularly referred for expert treatment of paediatric Ortho conditions.  

At present, the scope and facilities for the condition for which treatment is being offered are as follow:

  • All types of Paediatric, Ortho injuries- fractures, dislocation and soft tissue injuries
  • Congenital deformities and conditions like CTEV, DDH, Congenital limbs deficiencies, etc
  • A developmental disorder like - skeletal dysplasia, deformities of the knees and hip
  • All types of bone and joint infection in children including tuberculosis of bone and joints
  • Disorders involving the physis and Epiphysis(Growth areas of the bone) like
  • Perthes disease, Blount’s disease and other  growth disturbances and deformities
  • All types of deformity corrections of the joints and limbs.
  • Correction of limb length   discrepancies and deformities by growth modulation and other methods
  • All types of neurological conditions with Orthopaedic involvement like cerebral palsy, polio, Spina Bifida, SME and others.
  • A rheumatological condition requiring Ortho intervention


  • Club Foot Clinic - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  • Cerebral Palsy Clinic


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Who is a Paediatrician?

 A paediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of children upto 14 years. Paediatricians have undergone special training in the health and illnesses of infants, teens, and young adults.

What Does a Paediatrician Do?

They're also the first person to call whenever your child is sick., your paediatrician will:

  • Do physical exams
  • Give your child vaccinations
  • Make sure they meet milestones in growth, behaviour, and skills
  • Diagnose and treat your child's illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health problems
  • Give you information about your child's health, safety, nutrition, and fitness needs

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