Key Peripheral Interventional

Key Peripheral Interventional
Respiratory system- embolization of haemoptysis (bleeding from the lungs), embolization of pulmonary fistula, arteriovenous malformations, and aneurysms

Hepatobiliary system- TIPS, biliary stenting, PTBD, TACE (embolization of liver tumour), embolization of aneurysms

Gastrointestinal system- embolization for upper and lower GI bleed, reperfusing blocked mesenteric arteries and veins, embolization of splenic artery aneurysm, etc.

Gynaecology- uterine artery embolization for fibroids/adenomyosis, embolization of uterine AVM

Genitourinary system- embolization of renal tumors, stenting/angioplasty of renal arteries, blockage of renal bleeding following procedures

Peripheral vascular diseases- stenting and angioplasty of the aorta and limb vessels, removing blockage of arteries and veins

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