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General Surgery

Excision of lipoma, sebaceous cyst, lymph node biopsy, small tumours excision, hydrocele surgery, circumcision, varicocele, foot ulcers etc.


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What are the precautions I need to take prior to surgery?

  • Inform your surgeon and anaesthesiologist about any medications you are on including Thyroid medications. They may need to be continued even on the day of surgery with sips of water.
  • If you are on any blood-thinning or antiplatelet medications like aspirin, clopidogrel, inform your surgeon – these may need be stopped 3-5 days prior to surgery.

How long will I be in the hospital?

This depends very much on the exact diagnosis and the operation being performed. Usually the stay in the hospital post-surgery may vary between 24 - 48hours.

When can I take a shower?

  • You can take a normal shower 24 hrs after removing the drain tube.
  • After a shower, just dab the wound dry with a soft towel.
  • However any excessive soakage at the drain or wound site will need to be informed to the surgeon and wetting the wound may be delayed.

What are all the preoperative preparations required prior to surgery?

  • Routine Pre-operative investigations including thyroid function tests and radiological imaging tests will be done.
  • Your vocal cords will be examined by another doctor in the hospital by passing a small nasal endoscope through your nose. This is a very quick and safe test done usually lasting less than a minute without much discomfort.
  • An anaesthesiologist will evaluate you and give you the information what you need to know regarding the type of anaesthesia
  • You will be asked to be on empty stomach for 6 hours prior to surgery

How do I take care of my wound?

  • Normally a dressing will be present on the operative site for about 24 hrs which will be removed on the next day of surgery.
  • No special care may be required except keeping the wound dry and clean.
  • A tube may be in place to drain out excess fluid from the operation site. This may usually be removed 24 – 48 hours after surgery.

Do I need to come for suture removal?

  • Normally an absorbable suture would be placed at the operative site and may not require removal of sutures.
  • In case of any nonabsorbable suture usage, your surgeon will let you know when can they be removed.
  • Thyroidectomy is not a particularly painful operation and pain relief is rarely necessary after 72 hours.
  • It is normal to feel tired following thyroid surgery and it may take up to a month before you feel you have your energy levels back.

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