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Complex Skull Base Surgeries

The skull base, supporting the brain and connecting it to the spinal cord, is a complex region where crucial structures like nerves, blood vessels, and the brain converge. Complex skull base surgeries are advanced procedures aimed at removing tumours, addressing blood vessel issues, or relieving pressure on facial nerves, which can lead to symptoms such as chronic pain, vision loss, headaches, or hearing loss, depending on the affected brain area. Surgery aims to alleviate symptoms, enhancing the patient's overall quality of life.

Skull base surgery can be approached in two ways:

  • Endoscopic or minimally-invasive technique, where surgery is conducted through a small opening inside the nose. It is associated with a reduced risk of post-surgical complications and quicker recovery.
  • Traditional or open surgery, requiring incisions in the face and skull, and potential bone removal.

These highly specialized surgeries demand a skilled team, including neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, and other specialists, due to the intricate nature of the densely packed structures in the area. Precision is crucial to avoid damage to critical components, and expert surgeons are essential for navigating and addressing potential complications. Their expertise ensures optimal outcomes and reduces the risk of complications during these challenging procedures.