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Spine Surgery

Spine services at Aster RV hospital, JP Nagar consists of an exclusive team of doctors who specialize in the treatment of spinal disorders. At Aster RV, we combine the best of recent innovations in technology with modern, minimally invasive techniques to offer the best possible outcome to patients. The team renders patient-centred clinical approach offering multimodality comprehensive management of spinal diseases treating all ages from pediatric to geriatric populations; to eliminate pain, preserve function and restore mobility. Millions of people suffer from neck or back pain at least once in their lifetime and maybe attributed disc prolapse, degenerative diseases of the spine, fractures, deformity (scoliosis/kyphosis), spinal tumours, infections of the spine and failed back syndrome. Our consultants are skilled in diagnosing all spinal conditions and when surgery is part of the plan, surgery is offered in the least invasive fashion (Minimally invasive/ Keyhole/ Endoscopic surgery) resulting in quicker recovery and shorter hospital stays.

Minimal invasive spine surgery is a term used to treat the spinal condition with help of specialised instrument called tubular retractors and endoscope thereby reducing blood loss, post-operative pain not only that but minimising injury to muscle, ligaments and soft tissue structures surrounding spine thereby maintaining biomechanical integrity and preventing spinal instability. More than 90 % of cases at Aster are treated by minimal invasive fashion contributing to faster recovery and mobilization, shorter hospital stay and early return to work. With the latest innovation in technology we are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment such as neuro-navigation, this coupled with three-dimensional intraoperative fluoroscopy and neuromonitoring helps in understanding the intraoperative 3D anatomy which helps in achieving safety, accuracy and precision during spine surgeries, without injuring the neural structures.

Together, Spine services at ASTER offer the best combination of advanced technology and the latest techniques to maximise outcomes and making spine surgeries safe and effective.

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