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Centre for Deglutology & Speech Language Pathology

The Centre for deglutology and Speech Language Pathology at Aster MIMS Calicut is a dedicated centre that provides comprehensive care for children and adults with feeding,swallowing,speech and voice problems.

  • Swallowing is a complex series of events allowing the movement of saliva/ food through the mouth and throat into the stomach.Any disruption in this mechanism can cause swallowing disorders/Dysphagia.Many medical conditions can cause dysphagia including Stroke,Head and Neck carcinomas,Brain injuries,Spinal cord injuries,Multiple Sclerosis,ALS,Cerebral palsy,Cleft lip and Palate and other genetic conditions.
  • Consequences of dysphagia include aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition and dehydration,compromised general health,chronic lung disease and even death.

Signs and Symptoms of dysphagia

  • Coughing or choking with swallowing
  • Wet/gurgly voice during or after eating or drinking
  • Food sticking in the throat
  • Taking longer time to finish a meal
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Change in dietary habits
  • Recurrent pneumonia
  • Difficulty breathing after meals
  • Nasal regurgitation
  • Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Loss of liquid/food from mouth when eating.
  • Difficulty managing secretions

Our Services

The Deglutology and Speech Language Pathology services at Aster MIMS Calicut  comprises of an  multidisciplinary team committed to the diagnosis, and treatment of patients with swallowing and Speech  disorders.The Clinic offers a range of diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of swallowing problems including :

  • Non-Instrumental swallowing Assessment
  • Videofluroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS)
  • Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
  • Rigid endoscopy.

Our treatment includes:

  • Swallowing therapy comprising both rehabilitative and compensatory therapy for individuals with feeding, swallowing and speech disorders.
  • Medical Management of Swallowing disorders.
  • Surgical Management for dysphagia.

Our Team

Management of dysphagia may require input of multiple specialists serving on an interprofessional team.
Members of the team include a;

  • Consultant Speech Language Pathologist specializing in Swallowing Disorders, 
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Head & Neck Surgeon.
  • Neurologist
  • Peadiatric Neurologist
  • Gastroenterologist. 
  • Peadiatric Gastroenterologist
  • Registered dietitian.

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