Well Baby & Immunization Clinic

Well baby and Immunization clinic, aims at monitoring the growth and development of all babies whether inborn or outborn. 

We also aims to  give timely advice regarding immunization and feeding. This monitoring will ensure the early detection of growth faltering nutritional deficiency and prompt correction of the same.

All Immunizations recommend by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics is available in our Immunization clinic. The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The vaccinations available in our Immunization clinic are:- 

  • At Birth:
    • BCG
    • OPV
  • 6 Weeks:
    • OPV/IPV
    • DPT/Dtap
    • Hep.B
    • Hib
  • 10 Weeks:
    • OPV/IPV
    • DPT/Dtap
    • Hep.B
    • Hib
  • 14 Weeks:
    • OPV/IPV
    • DPT/DtaP
    • Hep.B
    • Hib
  • 10 Months: Measles
  • 15 Months: MMR
  • 18 Months:
    • OPV/IPV
    • DPT/DTap
    • Hib
  • 5 years
    • OPV
    • DT/dTPa
    • MMR
  • 10 years : TT/dTPa/Td
  • Other Vaccines:
    • Hep.A1
    • Hep.A2
    • Typhoid
    • Influenza
    • Moningococcal
    • Rubella

For any enquires on vaccination, please contact 9847944100

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