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MIMS Safe School Programme

In 2004 MIMS Safe School Initiative started as a systematic and comprehensive health care package for children throughout the school age years with the hope .` Our school health programme will be of great benefit for our children, teachers and parents for building a better future.

Our package of services under the scheme includes

  • Regular Medical Examination of all students: As part of the programme, a planned medical examination of students (up to 500 ) will be done at their school , at least once in an academic year. The purpose of this is to find out pre-existing diseases, and to identify groups of students who require special care and regular follow up. Student Nurse and teachers should be able to involve and help our team to organize the medical check up sessions.
  • Medical records for each students: The information collected during initial medical check up will be used for individual medical records with unique registration number. For this purpose we need the list of students with their name, date of birth, address, class , division and one photograph of each student.
  • Health education classes on relevant subjects at appropriate time as demanded by school health authorities or the Safe school initiative itself. Dissemination of information related to health is an essential component of the programme e.g. awareness classes on important communicable diseases, seasonal diseases, behaviour disorders, adolescent health problems etc.
    1. Vaccination: One of the aim of the programme is to protect  all students under the scheme from all the important communicable disease by providing the  vaccines that are available/recommended by National Govt.
    2. Teachers Training:
      • This training will have hands on training on Basic Life Support (BLS). We conduct the training at Aster MIMS institute ; the optimum number of teachers for one session is 50.The programme has a one-day training for school teachers. ( Another project under the scheme is.. training two students selected from each classe /higher secondary classes who in turn would train the whole classes make the whole school BLS trained )
      • Classes on common communicable diseases affecting school age children, their preventive measures and precautions expected from class teachers;
        The common medical and surgical emergencies in school and first aid in such situations;
        Nutrition and related health problems among students;
        Psychological / psychiatrical disorders among adolescents, learning disability; dental problems; personal hygiene to be observed in school etc.
        Consultants and Specialists from Child psychology, psychiatry, Dentistry, General pediatrics, ophthalmology, emergency medicine etc will give training for teachers.
      • School health manual and Books specifically for teachers on medical subjects like communicable disease and medical emergency management at school.
  • Health Insurance: All schools to insure all registered students with medical Insurance policy for one year which has to be renewed every year .
  • Privilege card: All students under the scheme will be issued a privilege card. This card will enable them to avail all enlisted privileges from the Help desk. (Need a copy of a recent photograph, address, policy number and expiry date of insurance policy with Name of company for this purpose).
  • Our out patient care and investigations will be at subsidized rate for registered students .
  • Medical emergencies at Schools: We will provide Emergency medical care .For this purpose we will provide special contact numbers .
  • Will provide one "First aid Box" with commitment for regular replenishment of medicines.
  • Will help to purchase and keep one AED for each school.
  • Will help school to purchase Manicheans for BLS training.
  • School health nurse: A trained Nurse is an essential part of school health. Under the scheme we will help schools to train nurses for this purpose

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