Interventional Radiology

Variety of Vascular interventions – Stenting, coiling, embolization etc
Vascular and non-vascular Hepato-biliary interventions (TACE, RFA, ethanol ablation, TARE, TIPS, BRTO, PTBD, Biopsy, drainage etc)
Vascular and Non vascular Genito-urinary Interventions (Kidney, bladder, prostate, biopsy etc)
Vascular and non-vascular chest interventions (bronchial artery embolization, Biopsy, drainage, etc)
Vascular and non-vascular gynaecological interventions (Uterine artery embolization, HSG FTR, TVS guided biopsy, drainage etc)
Vascular and non-vascular bone interventions (RFA, embolization, biopsy etc)
Peripheral arterial and venous disease management (Stenosis and Thrombosis etc)
Varicose veins treatment (Laser ablation and sclerotherapy)
Haemodialysis catheter placement and AV fistula Management

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