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Nuclear Cardiology

Myocardial Perfusion Scan(stress / rest)
Cardiac Viability
Radionuclide ventriculogram( MUGA )


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Is nuclear cardiology safe?

Despite the term “nuclear,” this imaging type is considered very safe. The amount of radiation is so tiny that it hardly causes any damage to the heart.

 Is a nuclear stress test painful?

Nuclear stress tests are usually not painful. However, some people may experience headaches, nausea, and vomiting after the test.

 How long does the radioactive dye take to leave the body?

Although the excretion of the radioactive material depends on the scan type, the most commonly used isotopes leave the body within one day. Others might take as long as three days to leave the body.

What should one avoid after undergoing a nuclear stress test?

Although nuclear cardiology scans are not risky procedures, one should avoid close contact with children and babies for at least one or two days. Frequent handwashing is encouraged to prevent the spread of radioactive particles.

How long does a nuclear cardiology scan take?

It takes 2–4 hours to perform a nuclear cardiology scan. Some of the time is spent preparing for the test and waiting for the tracer to be taken up by the heart.

Is a nuclear cardiology scan necessary

A nuclear cardiology scan is advised for those treated for heart disease or experiencing symptoms like chest pain and breathlessness. It can provide information that may be unavailable or require an invasive and expensive procedure.

Does the nuclear stress test show blockages

Nuclear stress tests can determine the size of the chambers. It can also tell us how well the heart is pumping blood and whether the heart has any damaged muscle. These tests also give information about the arteries and whether they are blocked.

How are the results of nuclear stress tests interpreted?

The doctor usually analyzes the test results before providing a diagnosis. A normal blood flow at rest and exercise means the heart functions normally. Any abnormality in the test results usually signifies a blockage.


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