Psychiatry & Counselling Services

The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences at ASTER MIMS Kannur works to improve the health of the public through excellent clinical care in mental health. We envision a future where mental health is an important part of overall health, and mental health care is an integral part of all health care. We provide state-of-the art patient care at our Out patient and In patient facilities. Department of Psychiatry provides Child and Adolescent Clinic Adult Psychiatry Clinic De-Addiction Clinic Perinatal Mental Health Clinic Memory Clinic Tobacco Cessation Clinic Sexual Medicine & Therapy Clinic Services We Provide: Medication Management Psychiatric Assessment and Evaluation Electro Convulsive Therapy Individual Therapy Crisis Intervention Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for various disorders Dialectical Behavior Therapy Insight-oriented or Psychodynamic Therapies Couples Therapy Perinatal Psychiatric Evaluation and Management Group Therapy Neuropsychiatric Testing Integrative Approach when indicated Resource Coordination Presurgical Psychological Evaluations Neurological Psychological Evaluations Clinical Psychology Just because you don’t understand it does not mean it is not so. Hence, come and take help for your mind because mental health is equally important to physical health. Dept of clinical psychology, Aster MIMS Kannur offers cognitive behaviors therapy and other intensive psychotherapies for adults, Behavior therapy for children, pre-marital & marital counselling and parent-management training. Psychiatry

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We have some of the best specialists from around the world, they bring years of experience and offer evidence based treatment to ensure the best care for you.


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