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Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology [Gastrointestinal surgery] provides surgical treatment for various benign and malignant diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract. The department works in association with the Medical Gastroenterology, to provide comprehensive treatment for all diseases involving gastrointestinal tract. Services provided include a range of surgeries of sub-systems like HPB, colorectal, upper GI, peritoneum and small intestine. (liver, gall bladder, bile duct pancreas, spleen, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestines, appendix, rectum and anal canal.)

HPB (HepatoPancreaticoBiliary) surgery- is a division of surgical gastroenterology that deals with operations of liver, biliary system and pancreas. Commonly performed surgeries are laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gall bladder stones, surgeries for common bile duct stones, choledochal cyst, bile duct injuries and biliary strictures. The liver conditions that are treated are cysts and tumours (deroofing, excision, hepatectomy), cirrhosis (liver transplantation). Surgeries for portal hypertension including splenectomy, shunt operations and other procedures for upper GI bleeding. Pancreatic surgeries include surgeries for chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancers, and complications of acute pancreatitis, like Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomy, distal pancreatectomy, Frey’s Procedure, Duodenum preserving pancreatic head resections, lateral pancreatico jejunostomy, drainage of pseudocysts, central pancreatectomy, RAMPS, and total pancreatectomy.

Upper GI surgery- is the division which deals surgical treatment of various conditions affecting esophagus (food pipe) and stomach. Common operations performed are laparoscopic fundoplication for hiatus hernia/GERD, laparoscopic Hellers cardiomyotomy for Achalasia Cardia; transhiatal/trans thoracic and minimal access esophagectomy for esophageal cancer. Operations for corrosive strictures of esophagus and stomach including esophageal reconstruction by colon interposition. Various types of gastric resections for gastric cancers, and surgeries for peptic ulcer diseases are also performed. The department is also offering services in weight loss procedures (Bariatric surgeries) such as Sleeve gastrectomy, Minigastric bypass, RYGB, etc.

Colorectal Surgery -is the division which deals with treatment of benign and malignant diseases of large intestine, rectum and anal canal. Commonly performed procedures are hemorrhoidectomy, rectopexy (for rectal prolapse), treatment of perianal infections/abscess/fistulae, right or left hemicolectomy, anterior or low anterior resection, abdominoperineal resection, stoma reversals, etc.

Surgeries for miscellaneous diseases like- incisional hernia repairs and abdominal wall reconstructions, excision of intraabdominal/retroperitoneal, pelvic/retro rectal tumors and small bowel tumours.

Surgical Management of emergency abdominal conditions, like upper and lower GI bleeding/perforations of GI tract, appendicitis and cholecystitis. Complex abdominal trauma involving liver, pancreas, duodenum and other abdominal viscera are also managed by the department.

Several of the above procedure are offered in both open and laparoscopic means. The department is equipped with advanced equipments like CUSA, Harmonic scalpel, Ligasure, staplers and intraoperative ultrasound for performing both open and laparoscopic procedures. The department works in association with medical gastroenterology, radiology/interventional radiology, oncology and critical care medicine to provide multidisciplinary treatment for the best outcome.

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