Nephrology department caters to patients with various Kidney diseases. We take care of patients with acute renal failure, chronic renal failure and acute on chronic renal failure.

Evaluation for the cause of renal failure or cause for worsening of renal failure is done to look for any reversible or treatable cause and appropriate management is done. We have all facilities for diagnosis and management of all forms of kidney diseases which included kidney various serological tests, kidney biopsy, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT).

For patients with end stage renal failure we have hemodialysis facilities with 20 dialysis machines. Other treatment options like CAPP is also available.

We do work up for kidney transplant in patients with end stage renal failure with support from vascular surgery we arrange for AV fistula creation as an access for hemodialysis various issues related to AV fistula such as fistula thrombosis, central venous obstruction, fistula stenosis are managed with support from cardiology colleagues.

We also take care of renal failure patients in ICU with hemodialysis and CRRT. Follow up as well as treatment of complications of kidney transplant recipients is done in our facility plasmapheresis facilities are available.

For patient with poisoning, we have hemodialysis, hemoperfusion being the most common cause for secondary hypertensions we routinely do evaluation for newly detected as well as uncontrolled hypertension, being the most common cause of chronic kidney disease, we have facilities for diagnostic treatment and for prevention of complications of these disease. Comprehensive care for snake bite case is available with support from other departments.

We take care of various childhood kidney diseases like nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, kidney failure etc. In short, we deal with all kidney problems and kidney related treatment, except kidney transplantation.

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