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Ketogenic Diet And Therapy

Studies have shown that ketogenic diet is considered to be one of the more effective treatments for children with severe or drug resistant epilepsies.

How Ketogenic Diet Works?

  • Keto diet—a diet that consists of very low carbohydrates, some protein but very high fat, In the ketogenic diet, the body is forced into the metabolic state of ketosis where the body processes ketones—fuel molecules that are produced in the liver by converting fat—instead of glucose (produced by carbohydrates) as its energy source. Ketosis happens when the body is almost completely energized by fat and not carbohydrates.
  • Some studies indicate, that during ketosis, a chemical called decanoic acid, is also produced in the body, which has shown to have some sort of effect on reducing seizures.
  • At Aster CMI, our trained dieticians customize a balanced and healthy diet by working out exactly how much of which foods a child suffering from epilepsy can eat each day. Parents and caregivers of these children are equipped with personalized recipes, as well as given a complete dossier on how to plan these meals. Apart from these, the parents and guardians are also briefed about what foods to give and what to avoid in affected children.
  • While ketogenic diet might be helpful, it should always be considered as an addition to medication and that it might not work for all children with epilepsy. The diet should only be started on these children under strict professional supervision.

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