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Nutrition & Dietetic

A balanced, nutritious diet is not only essential for maintaining good health, but also for faster recovery.
Led by a team of expert dieticians, the department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics at Aster Medcity offers customised, guideline-based dietary plans for patients, keeping in mind their health problems and nutritional requirements. Multidisciplinary in approach, they provide crucial support to all specialities by assessing, monitoring and optimising the nutritional status of patients, including those who require intravenous feeding.
Trained extensively in all aspects of diet and nutrition, they also provide expert advise to patients on how to eat healthy, maintain optimal body weight and prevent/ manage lifestyle disorders including diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Nutrition Clinics

The Speciality Nutrition Clinics at the department Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics offer customised, guideline-based diet advice for patients, after conducting a detailed assessment of the patient’s current physical/ medical condition, nutritional requirements, expected recovery time and special diet patterns that need to be followed, with a holistic approach.

Diet & Lifestyle Clinic

This clinic offers personalised, healthy diet plans that help prevent and manage lifestyle disorders like cholesterol and hypertension through efficient control of intake of salt, sugar and fat. The diet plan also includes exercise recommendations to improve physical activity, especially in those who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Obesity Clinic

One of the biggest and the most dangerous after-effects of the modern lifestyle, obesity or excess body weight can lead to multiple health problems and irreversible complications. Our Dieticians, with the help of Endocrinologists and Gastroenterologists, conduct a detailed study of the person’s diet habits, lifestyle, age, body mass index and create a customised diet - exercise plan that ensures optimal calorie intake and proportional calorie expenditure. They also educate patients about the need to make healthy choices and as to how to tackle the problem with utmost focus, determination and a complete reconfiguration in lifestyle.

Diabetes Clinic

Our Dieticians, based on medical inputs provided by Diabetologists and Endocrinologists, create personalised diet plans (complete with a “what to eat and what not to eat” list) that help control/maintain blood sugar levels and manage diabetes effectively.

Wellness Nutrition Clinic

Our Dieticians, with inputs from the Wellness team, conduct a detailed assessment of the health status and lifestyle of the patient, to create a customised diet plan that not only fulfill his/her daily nutritional requirements but also helps maintain optimal body weight and good health. The diet plan will also include recommendations for improving physical activity, to ensure optimal calorie expenditure, prevention of accumulation of fat and overall wellness.

Sports Nutrition Clinic

The clinic also offers expert dietary and enhanced nutrition plans for those involved in professional/ amateur sports, especially children. These diets are planned after a detailed assessment of the person’s basic as well as additional nutritional requirement, keeping in mind his or her desired performance levels. The sports diet is created after taking inputs from the Sports Medicine expert.

Specialised Nutritional Support

Nutrition For Dialysis Patients

Our Dieticians provide specialised diet plans for kidney patients undergoing dialysis, created based on medical inputs from the consulting Nephrologist.

Oncology Nutrition

Our Dieticians offer customised diet plans to optimise the nutrition status of patients undergoing treatment for cancer/ chemotherapy. The diet plans also include strategies for minimising the after-effects of radiation on the body.

Paediatric Nutrition

Our Dieticians provide optimal, guideline-based nutritional support to children undergoing treatment in the PICU, including post-transplant cases. They assess the child’s previous nutritional quotient, degree of malnutrition, current health status and nutritional requirement; identify those at greater nutritional risk and initiate enteral (EN) and parenteral (PN) nutrition (EN being the preferred mode for children with a functioning gastro intestinal tract). An evidence-based nutritional guideline has been set to promote optimal nutritional support in PICUs.

Critical Care Nutrition

Our Dieticians work with medical teams from all specialities to provide specialised, optimal nutritional support to critically ill/injured patients including patients with life-threatening conditions including trauma, burns, severe infections, acute respiratory disorders and those recovering after major surgeries, including post-transplant cases. They assess and identify patients with greater nutritional risks and recommend a customised plan and mode to provide the required nutrition (oral/ tube/ intravenous), based on his or her current health condition.

Therapeutic Nutrition

A good diet helps heal faster. That’s why our Dieticians provide customised therapeutic nutritional advice and diet strategies for patients, which help them regain their health and recover faster. The diet is planned keeping in mind what the patient can and cannot in relation to the medical problem, and how much essential nutrients he or she requires on a daily basis to maintain good health and prevent/ manage diseases. The diet plan is created after taking inputs from the treating doctors.

Hospital Dietary Services

Apart from taking care of the nutritional wellbeing of our patients, the department also offers expert advice to the food and beverages wing of the hospital to ensure that the food served here is of the highest quality standards.


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