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Paediatrics & Neonatology

Centre for Paediatrics Paediatrics is a division of medical speciality that is concerned with the health and medical care of newborns, children, and adolescents. Some of the common conditions treated by a pediatrician include infections, injuries, bedwetting, birth defects and psychological issues.

Aster RV is the dedicated centre that has set the benchmarks of high-quality care for pediatrics. With the combination of evidence-based practices and advanced treatment, our top child doctor in JP Nagar, Bangalore is dedicated to providing specialized medical care.

We have a team of Best pediatrician in Bangalore who are committed to providing comprehensive care in the field of pediatrics. In a child-friendly environment, our Children Hospital in Bangalore specializes in offering a full range of medical services for a wide range of pediatric conditions.

The Department of Pediatrics at Aster RV hospital, JP Nagar is equipped with advanced diagnostic & treatment facilities along with a talented & dedicated Top Pediatrician in Bangalore. Our expert pediatrician is supported by skilled medical staff, the dedication and commitment for child care have made it the one among the top-recommended pediatric hospitals.

Our core services include Exclusive blood transfusion, Phototherapy, Preterm care and LBW babies, Total parenteral nutrition (TPN), Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO), Umbilical vein catheterization, Central venous pressure (CVP), Arterial cannulation, Development supportive care pain, Management in newborns, CPAP Care, Bubble CPAP Care, High flow oxygenation, Screening of retinopathy of prematurity, High-frequency ventilation and ECMO Facility.

With state-of-art techniques, our hospital houses hi-tech facilities to provide the best care possible to pediatrics through compassionate care. We have the best Pediatrician In Jp Nagar, Bangalore provide the best care essential for your child and ensure every child receives excellent treatment.

The Department of Pediatrics at Aster RV consists of well-qualified and experienced Child Specialist in Bangalore, who can handle complex health conditions of critically ill children. Aster RV hospital is considered as the best child care hospital in Bangalore for providing round the clock medical service, with emergency care, including ambulance and pharmacy service.

We understand every child is unique and precious, offer treatment for the long term effects on quality of life, disability and survival.


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