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Peripheral Neuropathy Clinic

Neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy is a condition that arises from damage to a single or multiple peripheral nerves. A variety of disease conditions cause neuropathy which can range from common conditions such as diabetes mellitus, infections like leprosy, immune disorders like Guillain Barre syndrome and repetitive stress injury to uncommon disorders like connective tissue disorders, hereditary neuropathies, amyloidosis and tumours.

A patient with neuropathy may complain of uncomfortable sensations like tingling, burning, pins-and-needles, stabbing or shooting pain. There may be reduced or loss of sensation in affected regions which lead to painless injuries, burns, and non-healing ulcers. In addition, a patient may experience loss of strength in hands and feet leading to difficulty in holding objects such as pen with hand, opening bottles, turning key in a lock, gripping footwear, and foot drop. Loss of coordination and sensation of imbalance may also occur on closing the eyes. Uncommonly, a patient may experience giddiness on standing suddenly, visceral dysfunctions like constipation, urinary disturbances, and erectile dysfunction collectively termed dysautonomia or autonomic neuropathy.


  • To provide comprehensive services for clinical assessment, objective documentation, electrodiagnostic testing and laboratory evaluation of underlying cause and treatment of patients with neuropathy.
  • To evaluate patients with dysautonomia with pan autonomic function tests assessing cardiovascular, sudomotor, GI functions & its management.
  • To provide a focussed neuro-rehabilitation programme for patients with neuropathy.
  • To spread information regarding the prevention of neuropathy in metabolic conditions like diabetes and prevention of complications arising from neuropathy eg: leprosy.
  • Genetic evaluation and counselling for patients with suspected or established hereditary neuropathies.
  • Neuroimmunology evaluation & management of immune-mediated neuropathies.
  • To create a database of patients with various neuropathic disorders.

Peripheral Neuropathy Clinic

Patients with clinically suspected or referral diagnoses of peripheral neuropathy will be seen on a first-come-first-serve basis. Patients referred from other centres for the evaluation of neuropathy will also be seen. Patients who have been seen in the ‘Neuropathy Clinic’ will continue to be followed up at regular intervals at the clinic as mandated by the diagnosis. Patients who are detected to have a neurological or systemic disorder without peripheral neuropathy during the course of evaluation will be transferred/referred back to the general Neurology OPD.

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How can your lifestyle cause peripheral neuropathy?

  • Inactivity: exercises and activity of at least 30 minutes five times a week can help maintain optimum health.
  • Meals: ignorant eating habits can lead to diabetes, a major cause of peripheral neuropathy. To avoid this, include more fruits, fibers, and omega-rich foods in your diet. Avoid processed foods and carbohydrates. 
  • Smoking has been shown to cause severe damage to body organs over sustained use. Smoking can cause the narrowing of blood vessels, which can worsen neuropathy. Reduces blood supply to a particular part and increases neuropathic pain and discomfort. 
  • Alcohol toxicity can cause tingling and numbness in body parts and therefore is a significant cause of lifestyle-linked neuropathy. 
  • Physical care: meditation, yoga, stretching, and self-help exercises can help relieve pain and prolonged standing stress in the spinal cord and surrounding bone areas.

How can I improve peripheral neuropathy?

There are several methods by which you can manage peripheral neuropathy symptoms like:

  • Foot care: timely checks for cuts and calluses, especially if you have diabetes.
  • proper diet. 
  • Daily exercise and activity.
  • Daily monitoring of blood glucose.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Quit alcohol.
  • Try natural treatments.

Is peripheral neuropathy reversible?

The outcome of treatment of peripheral neuropathy depends upon the cause. There may be a small percentage of cases where symptoms may be reversed after years of treatment, though it is essentially incurable. Surgery involving nerves under trauma or pressure helps relieve symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Profound control of diabetes on an everyday basis can also help.

Is peripheral neuropathy fatal?

Peripheral neuropathy can be dangerous when precipitated by type 2 diabetes. An infected Foot can cause severe infections or gangrene, which may lead to amputation of the limb or even multi-organ failure if the patient has other health issues.

Are you able to work with peripheral neuropathy?

Work is possible but difficult in cases of chronic peripheral neuropathy. It shows symptoms like continuous tingling, numbness of limbs, and weakness in the hands, limbs, and cervical area. Severe cases can also hinder blood circulation, digestion, and urinary functions.

Can peripheral neuropathy go away without treatment?

Peripheral neuropathy is a degenerative condition that worsens over the years if treatment is not pursued. It may require medications, surgery, rehabilitative care, and occupational therapy to relieve pain and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Is there a cure for peripheral neuropathy?

There are several treatment modalities to help manage the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy:

  • Medications: diabetes control and medication in the form of patches, oral tablets, or injections.
  • Surgery: relieves nerve pressure and repairs damaged nerves which can hamper signal transmission.
  • Physiotherapy: to improve limb stability and balance.
  • Medical devices: to monitor blood glucose, joint braces, special Footwear.
  • Foot care: regular checkups for any infections or cuts on feet. 
  • Pain relief treatments: electrical stimulation therapy, spinal cord implants.
  • Alternative healing therapies: acupuncture.

Which hospital in Kerala treats peripheral neuropathy?

Aster Hospital in Aster Medcity, Kochi, is an excellent center for treating peripheral Neuropathy in Kerala. They have a specialized dedicated unit for the surgical and auxiliary management of peripheral neuropathy cases.


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