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Paediatric Orthopaedics

With its eminent team of doctors, Aster Hospitals, Kochi, is acknowledged as the one-stop solution for surgical and post-surgical care of children. 

A few of the pediatric orthopedic surgeries done at Aster Hospitals, Kochi, are:

  • Clubfoot surgery and rehabilitation 
  • Cerebral palsy deformity management 
  • Management of developmental dysplasia of hip
  • Management of growth abnormalities 
  • GAIT training 
  • Management of congenital malformations
  • Limb lengthening and deformity conversion

Clubfoot surgery and rehabilitation

Untreated clubfoot can be painful for the child and obstruct daily routine. In addition, clubfoot is a congenital disability and requires treatment even before the child starts walking.

Surgeons at Aster Hospitals, Kochi, have high levels of expertise in treating clubfoot with the latest technology. Call Aster Hospitals, Kochi, and learn about the options for treatment.

Cerebral palsy deformity management

Cerebral palsy is caused by some damage to the developing brain before at birth. As a result, a child with cerebral palsy shows signs of involuntary movements, jerky reflexes, and unsteady walking.

Advanced surgical techniques involve

  • Correcting the deformities  
  • Lengthening the muscles to improve mobility

With advanced surgical methods, the child is likely to have

  • Better mobility
  • Ease in using walker or braces

Talk to the competent doctors at Aster Hospitals, Kochi, if your child has episodes of loss of awareness of surroundings or unusual body movements. 

Before surgery, the doctors shall do MRI, cranial ultrasound, EEG, and speech testing.

Management of developmental dysplasia Of Hip

Developmental dysplasia causes an unstable gait and difficulty walking due to a unstable fitting hip joint. 

The surgical treatment for dysplasia is done when the child is six months to two years old. The advanced surgery includes

  • Open reduction of hip joint

Aster Hospitals, Kochi, is a center of excellence for treating developmental dysplasia. 

Preparation for the surgery includes ultrasound and blood tests.

Reach out to the expert team of doctors, including a neurosurgeon, and pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Aster Hospitals, Kochi.

Preparation for the surgery includes

  • Growth charts evaluation
  • Bone age study
  • Blood tests 
  • MRI

Management of congenital malformations

Congenital malformations are defects that are formed while the child is still in the womb leading to an abnormality in the structure or functions of the organs. 

Aster Hospitals, Kochi, has a team of dedicated doctors experienced in specialized surgical procedures for children. 

Preparation includes blood tests and scans.

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