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Sports injury management

Repetitive motions or aggressive physical practices that push the body beyond its capabilities can result in soft tissue injuries such as ligament and muscle sprains. Sports Injury Management is a crucial aspect of ensuring the health and safety of athletes, both professional and amateur. It involves the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained during sports or physical activity. 

Proper management of sports injuries requires a comprehensive understanding of the human body, the mechanisms of injury, and the appropriate interventions for each specific injury. This includes first aid, proper diagnosis, and a structured rehabilitation plan to facilitate a safe return to sports or physical activity. Effective sports injury management not only facilitates the recovery process but also helps athletes improve their performance and prevent future injuries.

At Aster Medcity, with a team of specialised doctors, we offer a comprehensive treatment for Sports Injury which includes:

1. Comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation entails preserving the range of movements, strength, coordination, and muscle endurance in the uninjured limbs and joints and maintaining the cardiovascular system at its pre-injury level. The rehabilitation focuses on the entire body rather than simply the afflicted area.

  • Reduces the severity of the damage
  • Reverses functional loss and impairment

At Aster Hospitals in Kochi, surgeons are skilled in using cutting-edge technologies in sports injury rehabilitation. The doctors will perform blood tests and X-rays before starting treatment.

2. Keyhole surgery for sports injuries  (Arthroscopic surgery)

In a keyhole surgery slender rod containing a telescopic lens, a light source, and a camera is inserted through a tiny incision to provide doctors with a magnified view of the inside of the joint.

  • A shorter stay in the hospital 
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less bleeding and pain 
  • Lesser damage to soft tissues.

Aster Hospitals in Kochi has an excellent team of surgeons, nursing staff, and physiotherapists for keyhole surgery for sports injuries. For evaluation MRI, X-ray, blood tests, and EEG before surgery may be needed.

3. Preventive & rehabilitation services 

Preventive & rehabilitation services aim to lower risk factors and prevent further impairment.

  • To prevent complications
  • To avoid further damage
  • To spare healthy tissue/muscle/joint
  • To educate and counsel the patient
  • Holistic approval to patient care

Contact the highly skilled medical staff at Aster Hospitals in Kochi, who provide top-notch preventive & rehabilitation services. Before surgery, doctors might request blood tests, X-rays, ECG, and MRI scans for precise diagnosis.

4. Sprains and muscle strains treatment 

An injury to the ligaments and capsule around a joint is a sprain. An injury to muscles or tendons is known as a strain. The treatment includes protection, ideal loading, ice, compression, and elevation.

The Centre of Excellence at Aster Medcity, one of Kochi's best orthopedic hospitals, offers specialized care for sprain and muscle strains. The therapists ask for blood tests and screening images to assess the degree of injury in the preparatory phase before treatment.

5. Ligament Injuries

Twisting body parts or abrupt falls are common causes of ligament injuries. 

The expert specialists at Aster Medcity hospitals bring years of experience and offer evidence-based care to ensure the best possible treatment. Before therapy, comprehensive tests are done for precise diagnosis.

6. Tendonitis 

Tendonitis is a disorder when the tissue that connects muscle to bone is inflamed. The benefits of tendonitis treatment include 

Aster Center of Excellence offers a wide range of clinical assistance and modern technology services in muscle and tendon injuries, including tendonitis. However, a diagnosis of the level of injury is needed before you begin treatment.

7. Achilles tendon injuries 

Achilles tendonitis is an overuse injury of the band of tissue that joins your calf muscles at the back of your lower leg to your heel bone, known as the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendonitis most frequently affects runners. Treatment options for Achilles tendonitis include rest, physical therapy, and supportive footwear. Also after healing of injury a good rehabilitation program is needed for optimizing recovery and to regain normal function. At Aster we have a good physiotherapy rehab medicine team who offer this service.

The modern and best treatments are used to treat Achilles tendon injuries at Aster's top-notch Centers of Excellence by expert doctors and physiotherapists.

8. Acromioclavicular joint injuries 

Your collarbone and shoulder blade are connected with the acromioclavicular (AC) joint, held together by ligaments. A fall, direct hit, or other trauma can damage the ligament. 

Modern surgical procedures and digitally linked ortho surgery suites at the Aster Medcity hospital ensure that patients receive the best possible care. In addition, the pre-treatment diagnostic test is essential before treatment.

9. Knee ligament injuries 

The thin bands of strong, pliable connective tissue that hold the knee together are known as knee ligaments. Trauma, such as a car collision or sports-related accident, may cause the injury.

Some of the injury can be treated without surgery with splenty of rest. Some often may need surgery for a good outcome.

Aster Medcity's brilliant team of surgeons, nurses with specialized training, and certified technicians provide evidence-based care.
Stress fractures 

10. Stress fractures

Tiny fissures in a bone are known as stress fractures. They result from overuse and repetitive force, such as frequent jumping up and down or long-distance jogging.

Recurrent ankle sprains :
The main causes of recurring ankle sprains are inadequate healing or poor balance. Surgery may be necessary if all non-surgical options have been tried for recurring ankle sprains. Initial treatment would include splenty of rest and rehabilitation.

11. Wrist sprains

Pain, discomfort, swelling, and stiffness in the wrist joint are common symptoms of a wrist sprain. The pain is felt near the site of the damage and frequently radiates outward from the joint. Pain many be certain movements and activities.

The highly skilled medical professionals at Aster Medcity treat wrist sprains while ensuring good outcomes.

12. Sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is required in sports-related injuries where the focus is on preserving the movements of the healthy joint while treating the injured joint /muscle/ tendon. Benefits of sports rehabilitation include

  • Lowers the risk of further damage
  • Reverses damage and returns patients to their pre injury status.

With a group of highly qualified specialists and modern technologies for surgeries, the multispecialty hospital in Kochi, Aster Medcity offers patients high-quality medical care. Our experts advise blood tests and X-rays before starting treatment.

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