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Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine

"The department of Infectious Diseases at Aster CMI hospital deals with the diagnosis, management and prevention of a wide variety of infections. Infectious Diseases (ID) specialists have expertise in infections that involve various organ systems: the sinuses, brain, heart, lung, genito-urinary tract, skin, soft tissues, bone and joints. Although common infections may be managed by internists, inputs from ID specialists may be sought for the following: A difficult-to-diagnose infection Management of complex infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites Travel advice to those who are visiting a foreign location where infection risk is higher Patients with HIV/ AIDS ID specialists are also involved in infection control, antibiotic stewardship, surveillance and management of healthcare-associated infections."

Available Hospitals

We provide excellent care, right from diagnosis to the treatment and beyond at our world-class hospitals.

Advanced Technology & Facilities

Well equipped with the latest medical equipment, modern technology & infrastructure, Aster Hospital is one of the best hospitals in India.

Out-patient Services

Management of acute febrile illness
Management of prolonged fevers of unknown origin
Management of febrile illness in the immunosuppressed
Comprehensive management of HIV, HBV & HCV infected patients
Communicable illnesses like fever with rash
Febrile illness & other infections in a traveller (Travel Health Clinic)
Out Patient Antibiotic Therapy for infections requiring prolonged intra-venous antibiotics
Adult Immunization Clinic