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The department of Ophthalmology in Aster Hospital provides a well-equipped facility for the complete examination, diagnosis, and treatment (both medically and surgically) of all ocular diseases in both adult and paediatric patients. The department is comprised of a dedicated and well-qualified team of healthcare professionals with excellent support from nursing and administrative staff. We provide the best treatment for all types of retinal diseases.

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We provide excellent care, right from diagnosis to the treatment and beyond at our world-class hospitals.


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When do you require an eye surgery?

Surgery is required only in cases where a person is undergoing the following conditions -

  • Sudden vision loss or changes
  • Sudden or severe eye pain
  • Eye injury

Why should you consult an Ophthalmologist?

If you are experiencing loss of vision, changes in your vision or colour of vision, dry eyes or are undergoing any eye infections or are suffering from chronic eye problems then it is recommended that you visit an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist.

People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, Thyroid, a family history of eye conditions should see an ophthalmologist as these diseases can raise the risk of eye conditions. People who are over 40 years old, should visit an ophthalmologist to know the baseline of your eye health.

How often should you have your eyes examined?

The consultations are recommended as per the following age group -

  • Age 19-40: at least every 10 years
  • Age 41-55: at least every 5 years
  • Age 55 & above: at least every 3 years

To understand the the functionality of your eyes, it is important to get them examined periodically by an ophthalmologist.

What are the common ophthalmology disorders?

The common ophthalmology disorders include –

  • Bulging Eyes
  • Cataracts
  • Refractive error
  • Colour blindness
  • Crossed eyes
  • Diabetic Retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma


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