Eye Care During The Festivals of Colours - Holi

by Dr. Reetha BT

Posted on : Mar 30, 2024


While everyone enjoys playing the festivals of colours with their loved ones, following few safety precautions will help to avoid unnecessary complications related to eyes.

A few tips to protect your eyes and ensure a carefree Holi this year:

Wear Protective Sunglasses/ Goggles: Ensure protective eyewear while playing Holi.

Do not use contact lens during Holi: Patient with refractive errors should avoid wearing contact lens as it can cause infection or can break inside the eye due to sudden pressure while playing with coloured water balloons.

Keep hair tied up so as to prevent colours dripping down into your eyes from the hair.

Always choose NON- Toxic: Avoid synthetic colours ,  if possible try to make your own colours using kitchen ingredients like rose petals/other flowers/spinach etc

Try and keep colours away from eyes and surrounding areas. Before you play Holi, massage with natural coconut oil around your eye as coconut oil will avoid the colour from entering your eye.

If colours do accidentally get into your eyes, avoid rubbing and immediately rinse your eyes with clean and fresh water and consult an opthalmologists.

While many enjoy hurling coloured water balloons it can cause severe damage to the eyes like blunt trauma, bleeding in the eye, lens subluxation/ dislocation, macular oedema, retinal detachment etc hence try to avoid it.

If anyone is already suffering from any eye conditions it’s better to avoid colours.

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