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The Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery is one of the very few centres in the region that offers complete spectrum of surgical solutions to people suffering from foot and ankle injuries. Headed by the qualified and experienced foot & ankle surgeon, the centre is equipped with latest technologies that ensure utmost patient’s outcomes and faster recovery.

Foot and ankle injuries bring thousands of Keralites into their podiatrists or foot & ankle surgeon every year. People with the complaints of pain, stiffness, swelling or various deformities in foot or ankle area are treated for conditions such as bunions, corns, flat feet, athlete’s foot, warts or ingrown nails. Of all the foot and injuries, the most common ones are: Achilles Tear, Ankle Sprain, Stress Fractures of the Foot, Ankle Fractures, and Plantar Fasciitis.

At Aster Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery, we adopt patient-centric treatment approach. Our expert clinical team who comes with the cumulative experience of 50+ years evaluates the patient’s history and present conditions thoroughly. After having a detailed counselling with the patient and the family, we chalk out the customized treatment plan.