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Labour & Delivery Care

Labor and delivery care by Aster Nurture encompasses a range of healthcare interventions, monitoring, and assistance to ensure the safe delivery of the baby. We aim to ensure a safe and positive childbirth experience for both the mother and the baby.

  • Admission and Initial Assessment: When an expecting mother arrives at Aster Medcity, she is admitted for delivery. The Aster Nurture team performs an initial assessment, including checking vital signs, evaluating the progress of labour, and reviewing her medical history and birth plan preferences.
  • Labor Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the mother and baby is carried out by the Aster Nurture team. This typically involves monitoring the mother's contractions, foetal heart rate, and maternal vital signs.
  • Pain Management: At Aster Nurture, we adopt various pain management options to help manage the discomfort of labor. Non-pharmacological techniques, such as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, massage, hydrotherapy (water immersion), and position changes, are often encouraged. Pharmacological pain relief options are also available, including intravenous pain medications or epidural anesthesia.
  • Vaginal Delivery: If the labor progresses well and there are no complications, a vaginal delivery is the most common outcome. During a vaginal delivery, the medical team assists with the birth by providing guidance on pushing techniques, positioning, and breathing. They monitor the progress of the baby's descent and adjust the approach as needed.
  • Assisted Vaginal Delivery: In some cases, assistance may be required to facilitate the vaginal delivery. This can involve the use of forceps or a vacuum extractor to assist in the baby's birth. The medical team carefully monitors and guides the process to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby.
  • Cesarean Delivery: If vaginal delivery is not feasible or poses risks to the mother or baby, a cesarean delivery (C-section) may be performed. A cesarean delivery involves surgically delivering the baby through an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus. This may be planned due to specific indications or decided upon during labor if complications arise.
  • Immediate Postpartum Care: After delivery, immediate postpartum care is provided to both the mother and the baby. The Aster Nurture team that includes neonatologists assesses the baby's vital signs, performs any necessary newborn procedures, and ensures proper bonding between the parent and the baby. The mother receives postpartum care, including monitoring of vital signs, management of pain, and support with breastfeeding initiation.
  • Postpartum Recovery: Following delivery, the mother is moved to a recovery area or postpartum room where she receives continued care and support. The medical team monitors her recovery, provides pain management, assists with breastfeeding, educates on postpartum self-care, and addresses any concerns or complications that may arise.



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What makes it prenatal?

Prenatal is a colloquial term that implies "before birth; during or relating to pregnancy. The word has probably been used in conjunction with words like care, healthcare, or vitamins. These phrases refer to a group of crucial actions that each pregnant woman should take to protect both her own and her unborn child's health.

What causes typical labour pain?

Pain During Childbirth and Labour - Both pressure on the cervix and uterine muscle contractions during labour result in pain. Strong abdominal, groyne, and back cramps, as well as an aching sensation, might be experienced as a result of this pain.


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