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Postpartum Care

Postnatal care, also known as postpartum care, refers to the medical, emotional, and practical support provided to individuals after childbirth. It focuses on the recovery of the mother, the well-being of the newborn, and the transition to parenthood. It promotes physical recovery, addresses emotional needs, supports breastfeeding, provides newborn care guidance, and assists in the transition to parenthood.

Physical Recovery: Postnatal care includes monitoring and support for the physical recovery of the mother after childbirth. Aster Nurture team assesses vital signs, incision healing (in case of a cesarean section), and the resolution of any pregnancy-related conditions. They address postpartum discomfort, provide pain management if needed, and offer guidance on postpartum exercises and self-care practices to aid in the healing process.

Emotional Support: The Aster Nurture team offer emotional support, discuss the emotional changes that can occur during the postpartum period, and provide guidance on coping strategies. They screen for postpartum mood disorders, such as postpartum depression and anxiety, and ensure appropriate referrals and interventions are made if necessary.

Breastfeeding Support: For individuals who choose to breastfeed, postnatal care includes support and guidance for successful breastfeeding. You will be assisted with positioning and latching techniques. The team assess milk supply and infant weight gain and address common breastfeeding challenges. They offer information on breast care, pumping, and storing breast milk if needed.

Newborn Care: Postnatal care involves monitoring the health and well-being of the newborn. Neonatologists conduct newborn assessments, including physical examinations, weight checks, and screening tests as per guidelines. They provide guidance on newborn care practices, such as bathing, diapering, soothing techniques, and safe sleep practices. They also address common concerns, such as jaundice, feeding patterns, and newborn behavior.


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What is the postpartum recovery 5 5 5 rule?

Getting ready for the 5-5-5 rule Five days in bed, five days on the bed, and five days close to the bed. You now have a good two weeks of deliberate, concentrated rest. Setting your priorities straight when it comes to those enthusiastic guests also helps. They will be allowed to see the child, but they cannot set the guidelines.

What is postpartum care following delivery?

Concentrate on eating a diet that is balanced with proteins and carbohydrates and includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, exercise tones muscles and limbs and aids in calorie burning. If you are breastfeeding, you should also consume additional fluids in addition to balanced meals. While the infant is nursing, you could discover that you start to feel quite thirsty.


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