by Dr. Divya Srirangarajan

Children get urinary control at about 8 years of age, initially during the day, then at night, bowel or toilet practice is typically done prior to it. Any child bedwetting after the age of five should contact their pediatrician as it may affect the child's well-being.

This is of critical importance because bedwetting will decrease the self-esteem of the child, prevent sleepover with friends, and fear harsh disciplining by the caregivers. Approximately 6-12 percent of children over the age of six are bedwetters, many are embarrassed, bruised, teased, or even punished after bedwetting.

This raises their stress and induces more wetting of the bed, so they should not do so. Parents should realize that bedwetting is not the fault of the child and is curable and should also be communicated to the child. Seek medical help for your child from the Best Child Care Hospital in Bangalore.

Bedwetting is commonly found as an isolated night problem due to immature brain-kidney-bladder-urine pathway leading to increased urine production at night and deep sleep with difficult arousal, whereas daytime wetting or urgency may indicate another kidney / urinary bladder/spine problem.

Sometimes a child who was previously dry at night can start bed-wetting again due to emotional stress, infections of the urinary tract, adenoids, diabetes, etc. Stressors range from simple things like younger siblings arriving or starting a new school to severe problems like learning disability, poor academic results, abuse, etc. So let us obtain medical assistance for bedwetting and help your child to be dry for your bright future.

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