Don’t Let Yourself Be Ketoed

by Dr. Veerendra Sandur

Be it keto or other new-age diets, healthcare professionals say it could prove detrimental if followed without medical consultation. Reports show that these diets may result in renal failure which is why people should be careful when opting for such diets.


A keto diet typically includes high fat and high protein from animal sources. It is low in carbohydrates and has fewer hidden fibers. This diet is primarily used in the treatment of children's epilepsy. Amino acids are made up of high protein and amino acid degradation occurs in the kidney. Increased protein intake can, therefore, exert pressure on the kidney while eliminating toxins, which in turn raises the amount of creatinine and contributes to kidney failure. High-protein consumption needs high-intensity physical activity. 


There are high chances of elevation in cholesterol levels and weight gain without physical activity. Because of celebrity endorsements, fad diets are common. To lure gullible fans, they make dramatic comments. In the long run, most fad diets do not work and may lead to health problems. 


For the long-term, the keto diet is not recommended. A healthy ketogenic diet comprises around 10-30 percent protein, 75 percent healthy fat, and 5-10 percent or 20-50 gm of carbs. The diet should contain a reasonable amount of vegetables. Stop heavily processed food, unhealthy fats, and sugar drinks. Seek help from the Best Gastroenterologist in Bangalore to get the best advice on your diet.


A non-supervised keto diet will have both short-term and long-term side effects such as keto rash, dehydration, vomiting, and headache. Hence it is not suggested to follow any diet without nutritionist consultation and a precise assessment of the person’s medical history.


Every person’s body is different and requires various types of supplements and attention which is why one should not follow a diet plan from the internet or upon a friend’s advice as it may trigger complications.


Nothing without supervision 

Experts say very high protein supplements and vitamins used by athletes and bodybuilders can adversely affect a normal person if consumed without supervision. Diets such as the Mediterranean diet, which is full of raw salads and vegetables, can cause individuals to have serious gastrointestinal problems. In the past, it has also proven harmful to go on a GM diet, Atkins diet, and consumption of whole/whey protein or mineral supplements without medical advice.


Ideal routine during covid times

When you work from home, keeping a strict diet plays an important role. Try to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and junk foods that contribute to the body's empty calories and raise the weight. Include foods in your diet with high fiber and enough amount of protein. A high-protein and high-fat diet should be balanced with physical activity such as walking and running, which individuals need to follow to stay fit throughout this time.


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