Importance Of Fetal Scan

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Posted on : Sep 30, 2021


Basic fetal echocardiography is routinely performed during anomaly scans at 18 – 20 weeks. Advanced fetal echocardiography is requested under special circumstances.

The usual indications for advanced fetal ECHO are maternal autoimmune disease, maternal diabetes mellitus, maternal consumption of antiepileptic drugs or antipsychotic drugs, suspected cardiac defects, and genetic syndromes with cardiac defects. Fetal Echo is an ultrasound screening performed for major cardiac defects in the unborn baby’s heart to know its structure and function. Generally, the Fetal Echo Cost In Bangalore ranges between 1500 to 3000 rupees for a singleton pregnancy and multiple pregnancies may be charged accordingly.

Bangalore has a good number of reputed ultrasound scanning centers and fetal medicine units. All fetal medicine units are well-equipped to perform fetal ECHO on request. Aster CMI Hospital is offering the international standards of Best Fetal Echo In Bangalore to assess the fetal heart abnormalities at an early stage and helps in quicker medical intervention.

Fetal Medicine In Bangalore at Aster CMI mainly focuses on the management of the health of mother and fetus pre and post-pregnancy. Bangalore has one of the highest numbers of fetal medicine units in India. Most doctors are trained by reputed fetal medicine specialists in India and internationally.

Fetal scans are performed by doctors trained in obstetric ultrasound. They are specifically trained to scan babies during pregnancy. They understand the implications of the antenatal scan and can explain its significance to the couple.

There are very few important fetal scans that are recommended during pregnancy. Each scan is designed to identify certain parameters. These in turn will help the doctor counsel prospective parents regarding the wellbeing of their fetus.

The importance of a fetal medicine specialist lies, when an abnormality is detected on the scan. Not all variants seen on the scan are abnormalities.

Many aspects seen in the fetus can be a slight variation from the normal. This does not mandate discontinuing pregnancy. A fetal medicine specialist can guide the couple and reassure them.

The fetal anatomy scan or mid-trimester anomaly scan is designed to detect structural abnormalities in the fetus. The overall detection rate of major birth defects is about 90%. (ranges between 50 – 95%).

Antenatal scans do not confirm or exclude chromosomal or genetic problems in the fetus. Some birth defects may only be seen in the third trimester. This includes late-onset cardiac defects, gastrointestinal anomalies and abnormalities concerning fetal bone growth, fetal weight gain, fetal blood flow and amniotic fluid variations.

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