Navigating Liver Cancer: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Insights

by Dr. G Girish

Posted on : Feb 06, 2024


Understanding Liver Cancer:
Liver cancer, while less common in India, is a formidable health concern influenced by chronic inflammation. Driven historically by Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, contemporary lifestyle changes, specifically Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), have emerged as significant contributors. Dr. Girish elucidates the impact of obesity as a chronic inflammatory condition, leading to liver cirrhosis, a recognized precursor to liver cancer.

Prevention Strategies:
Highlighting prevention as a key focus, Dr. Girish emphasizes the role of lifestyle choices in mitigating the risk of liver cancer. From maintaining a healthy weight through balanced nutrition to regular physical activity, he underscores the importance of these measures. The discussion extends to the Hepatitis B vaccine's pivotal role in the universal immunization program and precautions against Hepatitis C transmission.

Treatment Approaches:
Dr. Girish outlines tailored treatment approaches based on the patient's stage and physical fitness. Surgical interventions, including liver resection and transplantation, emerge as curative options. The blog sheds light on non-curative alternatives such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and liver-directed therapies, offering a comprehensive understanding of the available treatment modalities.

As the blog concludes, Dr. Girish emphasizes the significance of preventive measures in managing liver cancer. For those seeking specialized care, Aster CMI Hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Girish, stands as a reliable institution with a dedicated team of specialists. Individuals experiencing symptoms or concerns related to liver health are encouraged to consider Aster CMI Hospital for expert guidance and personalized care.